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More traffic to your website means more business.  With Social Media Marketing we will get your business out to there and increase your conversion rates.  Our goal is to help your business succeed. Let’s do this!  


Your website will be fully responsive.  It will look great whether viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or phone.  User experience is key.  Let’s talk about what you want from your website.


You want your website to be found on the World Wide Web and Search Engine Optimization makes that possible.  Higher ranking on search engines is key.


Security is too often overlooked until something happens. Your site will be set up to help secure it from hacking and someone taking over your site. Don’t wait and then have to pay a lot of money to have your website recovered from being hacked.


“Everybody benefits from knowing a tech savvy, friendly, smart web person. Lori has been designing, maintaining, updating, backing up, organizing, and teaching me about WordPress, and it’s related plugins I’ve needed. Her company, CodeMT will guide you, teach you or do your website for you. CodeMT works with many open source website creation tools and website content management systems. No job is too big or too small. Hire CodeMT for a specific project or monthly maintenance. I highly recommend her.”

Lauren Passarelli

Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music

“Lori makes running my website a billion times easier! Her expert behind-the-scenes maintenance ensures my site runs smoothly, gives me peace of mind, and saves me a ton of time. There is no one more brilliant and committed for trouble-shooting and getting to the root of bugs and glitches; she doesn’t stop until she figures it out and sets it right. She is professional, friendly, and dedicated, and her work is top notch. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!”

Kate Chadbourne

Singer, poet, teacher, scholar.


Getting more traffic and clients for businesses through website design and marketing. We love working with small businesses to get results and boost business.


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